GTZD Day 1

Filming with Anthony and Rachel


E8Club said...

I find your blog very inspiring.

dollyy said...

andy! how cool ur a part-time model?! :) looks fun!

Karen Dragon size XS said...

your work is a model or a photographer ?
anyways your pics look too interesting.

PapeGee said...

hey what your job ,andy?
stylist or photographer???
the last pic is cool

dollyy said...

oh that is even more cool as a photographer! :)
the exhibition is for show now in the netherlands here ~
anyway, xmas is around the corner! any plans? I need a break!! 2.5 weeks to go! :P

lcfu said...

hi emtrai, long time no chat!!
glad to know that you are doing fine there~
so you have started working now?