Then I let my mind roam, playing with my ringtone

Things to do in Singabored:
 1. Ambush
2. Cajun chicken in the park nearby

Ambush is one of my fav stores in SG. They carry YMC, Jeremy Scott, Original Fake, House of Holland, Passarella Death Squad ... The store also have exhibitions 3 or 4 times a year by artists from all over the world. So another place to spend time and monay other than Haji Lane.


dollyy said...

seems like u had some good shopping time! :D since i can't find anything nice lately in stores here, i ordered myself a blouse from westwood! hope it arrives soon and that it fits! now i'm broke x_x" hehe..

i love fastfood! i must eat it once a week! x)

Julia said...

hey dear.
i wonder what life in singapore is like..
im desperately thinking about what to do with my life after school, thinking about it is really horrifying.



lcfu said...

wish i was there to guide you... anyway thanks god you had a great vacation in singapore @_<

dollyy said...

yay it arrived and it fits! ;) I normally don't like to order clothes online either since i prefer to try it on first. unfortunately tho, we don't have a VW store over here & i really wanted the item + the measurments was pretty clear on the site so i trusted on it ;p

whats new lately andy?!

Anonymous said...

in my opinion, "SG" is a abbreviation of "Sai Gon" *_^. maybe i could guess wrong :). So if the store was in Sai Gon, could i get the address ?

aaaandy said...

oh lol no, actually it's singapore ( as in dotcomdotsg )
well here's the address of the store anyway :
Ambush/Surrender 119 Devonshire Road 239881

Q said...

ohh the store is in Singapore,, cause I was like ooh my goodness! there is stores like this in SaiGon??? arghh why didn't you tell me!! lol, those displays looks nice!!

mmm fast foods is kinda overrated here in US, but it's great once in a while, no?!

yeah I miss my photoshoots too, *sigh* you're not the only one. since elmo left, no more shoots. but i am working on saving money to get a dslr of my own, so that way I don't have to depend on anyone, you feel me?! :)

Julia said...

hanging out with friends after school is that what everybody does, no matter in which country lol.

germany isnt much fun either.
singapore seemed pretty amazing to me last summer. i thought it was a super cool city actually!