Wool of the weary

'Wools of the Weary' is a fly by project developed in an evening and produced over the span of a week.
Utilizing the powerful tactility of the 'Plantaria', we managed to harness a likeness of the fabrics. Used soul-y in their life span as an aid to the weary in physical rescue situations, we captured their warmth in form and set them on a calmly desolate and tragic but hopeful backdrop.

Art Direction & Props: Lacy Barry & Andy Long Hoang
Photographer: Andy Long Hoang
Model: Lacy Barry (ephoeprojectgallery.blogspot.com)


dollyy said...

good job andy! love it ~

Emily and Abigail said...

lusting these photos. the red hair goes so well with that grey. gorg.


Eric Vanzin Lagarde said...

Couleurs Pastels magnifiques tout en gardant un coté obscure et plutôt grisâtre.

Excellent !